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Name: Drake Maliik Mealei"Mealey"

Nicknames: Dra, D, Maliik

Age: 18

Species: Black Hedgehog, half-Angel-partly demonic

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft, 8.5in

Weight: 99 ibs

Marital Status: Dating..

DOB: January 9th 1993

Birth Place: Durham, North Carolina

Residence: "Mainly" North Carolina

Occupation: Soul Warrior

Social Class: Passive Raging Dragon

Economic Class: High-Middle Class

Alignment: Hero/Anti-Hero "Depends on the situation"

Basic Stats (1-10)
Agility - 6
Speed - 7
Strength - 8.5
Defense - 7
Evasiveness - 6
Dexterity - 7
Intelligence - 8
Skill - 6

Special Attacks:
-Dragon Blazer: launches a super-heated energy wave from his right hand

-InferunoKoto: Speed, reflexes and Attack Strength doubles as heat covers him like a sheild
(Inferuno-Shield: using Inferunokoto's energy; can form a sheild to protect himself and others)

-Dragon Rush Combo: a fury of punches and kicks that finishes with an energy blast

-Null Flame: the heat of a person or attack(hot or Cold)to create crystals to freez oppenents
(Red: most breakable, used to heal energy or injuries;Blue: less Breakable, used to take energy and increases durability;Both, very less likely to break, neutralize the oppenent; Multi, unbreakable, seals all movement and powers)

Special Attacks(Sword):
-Crash Wave: using his Soul-Sword, Drake can create a wave of heat energy
(Crimson Wave: A more powerful version of Crash Wave that turns into a wave of Crimson Fire)

Abilities & Aptitude:
Decent Learner, Pyro-user, Soul-user, Sense Energy,Creative Mind, weaponary and physical fighter

Soul Sight(Sense): An ability that allows Drake to locate where a person is and tell between a fake and the real deal and demons; this ability is the cause of eye color change, allows him to pinpoint and lock onto a target's Soul
Soul Weaponry: An Ability that allows Drake to use energy from his Soul to create a personal weapon that suits his style of battle, if broken it turns back into energy and flies back into the soul; if fully charged it can't be broken and if someone he doesnt trust tries to use it, it inflict pain on that person.
Synchonize: an Ability only Drake and few other can use; allows him to effectively use tag team moves with anyone and can speak together by looking not speaking
Rage Focus: Able to focus his pure anger into his battling w/o flaws, but leads him to be more controlled by his Beast side.

Hobbies & Talents: Swimming, Reading, Video games, Relaxing, Trainning, Creative Thinker

Weaknesses: Root Beer(Loves the stuff), Uncontrollable Beast mode
Personal facts

Friends: Geo, Neo, Arua, Rush, Taj, Captain IS, Leon, Frost, Shock, etc.

Enemies: Drane, ???

Known relatives: Brandon, Qaun, Tay,

Likes/Favorite activities: "See Hobbies and Talents" and Root Beer

Dislikes/Least favorite activities: That feeling you get when your falling or when you picturing yourself falling, bullying

Gourmet of choice: Burgers, Pasta, Ribs, etc.

Beverages of choice: Soda, Juice, Water

Favorite color(s): Orange, Red, and Black

Personality: Just a Calm, Passive Aggresive dude,
who can get very smart mouthed sometimes,
which can really get him into trouble.
he also says what's on his mind, which makes him very honest with others.
when not focused on anything he'll spaces out, annoying anyone, who'would try and
have a chat with him, but also makes him creative on the battlefield, inventing new moves.
He is crazy for Root Beer, and if anyone interrupts him getting or drinking any, he'll
be very pissed of. but Overall he is Kind hearted and is not the kind to take life if he
can help it.

Physical Appearance
A Black Mobian Hedgehog with a Black Headband

Color: Orange
Skin Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown "turns Firey Orange-red"
Hair/Quill Style: Cleanly but Lazily Long with Spiky ends
Nose: Black
Ears: Orange
Tail: Orange "but how can you know that, his is covered by his pants"
Other bodily features: N/A
Attire: Baggy Black Pants, White T-Shirt, Red Sleeveless Jacket, Red with Grey underlined Shoes

Items & Weapons: (Main Weapon) Soul-Sword DragonFire

Vehicles: Motorbike, Raging Dragon EX Gear

Themesong: "Drawing Days" from katekyo Hitman Reborn

Back Story: Drake's Bloodline as well as his brothers come from an ancient race of Soulhunters, who are half Angel and part Demonic. Soulhunters came to be when Angels of Heaven and the Good Demons of Hell fought against the Pure Evil Demons; though according to Soulhunter History, 7 Angel and Demon cheifs made the bloodline so there are only 7 types of Soulhunter bloodlines. Drake follows and was born into the Fire Angel Chief: Arel's bloodline but was never-told until the night of his families murder at age 12, Drake from age 0-12, lived with his Christen Parents and during the Summer lived with his loving Pastor Grandma. He wasn't present when his family was killed, because of an arguement he got into with his evil cousin, Terris; neither was Brandon, Qaun, Tay "who were chasing after him" or his Grandma, who was visiting a dying relative at the time.
By the time, they got back; the house was burning, the cars were smashed, and blood filled the house. After telling Tay(age 10) to stay put; Drake along with Brandon and Quan, check for surivivors only to run into a Spider Demon munching on the bones of their family. While trying to escape, Tay slips and falls behind and was almost eaten by the Demon, until Drake and Brandon's powers had awakened, killing the Spider Demon and teleporting them to their Gramdma's house. 5 years later after Drake's Grandma explained and giving each on them a scroll of the Angeltic path, Drake, with his newly aquired Charizard and Digital Partner Dragono"long story" were heading to find a new place to live.
Inspired by :iconriomarley-limbo75:'s Taboo Jester's bio: [link]

Credit to owner of backround

It took HOURS to make this!!!!! >_>

Enjoy and Comment.
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Its funny because I live in Raliegh C;
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Nice work, Drake.
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